Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whodunnit? - Bum Ba Dee Da

This week's Whodunnit? was filled with snakes!  Their slithery nature aligned with the manager of the mansion as, with the distraction they caused, the killer was able to wriggle their way in and end Ulysses' chapter as well as, with the misconceptions they provided, the complex murder plot had contestants struggling to solve!  While this was not my favorite episode because it took us away from the creepy Rue Manor and into the rugged outdoors, it was a huge turning point for the season.  "Bum Ba Dee Da" portrayed the show's slayer escalating and evened out the contestants' alliances with a double elimination.  Let's get right into the events of this week's Whodunnit?!

The contestants were still split into two clear alliances.  After Ulysses' death, Kam's team only has three remaining members, so they have no choice but to have only one representative at each clue gathering area.  This is dangerous because if they fail to recognize an important sign, or misinterpret the information, their whole team's theory is at risk.  As with every episode they may choose to examine the crime scene, the last known whereabouts or the morgue.  This week, the crime scene was left to the team captains, and nemeses, Geno and Kam.  There they found a snake in Ulysses' saddle bag as well as a string used as a tripwire, attached to a cage, which suggested the birds were not spooked by something, but rather unleashed on purpose as a distraction and to rile up the horses.  The snake's appearance was the key as it was red with black and white stripes; if this information was correctly put together with clues from the morgue they would know whether or not this particular snake was poisonous.  Meanwhile, Sasha, Cris and Ronnie inspected Ulysses' last known whereabouts, the horse stables.  Sasha noticed right away that the horses' names corresponded to Greek gods except one, Oleander.  She also noticed the oleander flowers through the stable window and was aware they were toxic, but kept that information to herself.  However she missed the hammer and finishing nails Ronnie found, as well as a spittoon containing a mortar and pestle with crushed oleander petals inside.  Though Ronnie tried to hide his find, Cris picked up on his secrecy and discovered these vital pieces as well.  Clues were everywhere at the outdoor morgue and the most vital one was overlooked by Dana, Melina and Sasha.  It was a simple graph posted that described the dangerous and safe elements in the woods, including the snakes and flowers.  While they didn't find much on Ulysses' body, they did locate what looked to be a snakebite on his back.  Dana, who was more tedious than her companions, also located two punctures on his calf which she hid from the others.  While trying to be sly and keep up her act, when examining his clothing she held her hand over the area of the wounds so the others wouldn't see.  This act cost them an important fact; on the area of the jeans there were splinters from wood that could have guided them away from the popular snakebite theory.

Geno made another strategic move, in an attempt to ensure Team Kam would crumble.  He offered a position on his team in order to guarantee the two other members would get "scared" cards.  His plan failed as Cris and Lindsey decided to stick with Kam and stay loyal to their team.  While Kam saw this move as desperate and claimed his team would never backstab its members the way Geno's team does, Geno and Ronnie's hubris caused them to laugh in Kam's face stating they have never received "scared" cards, likely upsetting their illustrious host by implying they are too smart to lose.  That left Sasha, Ronnie, Melina and Dana on Team Geno and they got to work hypothesizing the crime.  Tensions ran high in Geno's group, as Sasha and Melina clashed when Sasha remembered a rhyme from childhood that said "red on yellow, you're a dead fellow; red on black, you're okay Jack", which contradicted Melina's recollection of the morgue graph claiming the red and black snake was poisonous.  In addition the leg wound didn't match up with the side of the horse the snake was found on, thus little was accomplished and a lot of questions were left unanswered meaning the next puzzle was vital if they hoped to solve the murder.  Team Kam didn't get very far either, as they didn't know about the leg wound, Lindsey only remembered that oleander was poisonous from the graph and Cris mentioned the finishing nails, but held back regarding the mortar and pestle due to her distrust in Lindsey.  Everyone was counting on the next clue. 

The next riddle was confusing, as usual, but they picked up its mentioning of the sky and the group ran up the path, racing to solve it first.  When they came to a crossroad with three arrows, (red, blue and white) some chose a random path, others thought that because the white arrow pointed up it referenced the sky and Kam took the blue arrow path connecting it to the blue sky.  While the other arrows led to dead ends, the blue arrow pointed to an area with another puzzle waiting to be solved.  It contained a myriad of pieces and X's that when put together correctly led to a shed where Giles awaited them.  They only had a limited time in the shed that, to their dismay was filled with snakes, to find the murder weapon amongst a room filled with possibilities.  Although they all tried, many more than once, they finally realized the snakes were just a diversion and it was Cris who ultimately found a floorboard with two nails to be the weapon of choice.

Team Geno was desperate as the other group held the key to solving the murder.  Cris tried to help Sasha by telling her all she needed to know was at the last known whereabouts and Ronnie cozied up to the group enough to earn him a "spared" card.  After they presented their theories, they were shocked to find out that three people received "scared" cards this week for the first time on the show.  Geno, Sasha and Dana were up to be a part of the nefarious killer's next target.  I don't think the killer appreciated Geno and Ronnie's boasting and though Ronnie brown-nosed his way out of it, I believe Lindsey, my choice as their mysterious host, gave Geno a "scared" card just to put it in his face and show her superiority.

Once again this insidious plot was filled with misdirection and a well thought out plan; here is how our iniquitous murderer offed Ulysses:  Before the group went out on horse backs, the assassin took two nails and attached them to a board in a way that the wound would resemble snakes fangs.  They then ground up the toxic oleander flowers and spread their concoction onto the nails.  Having pre-rigged a tripwire to a box filled with birds, in order to excite the horses and confuse the others, when the contestants' horses broke the string and released the birds chaos was amidst.  The killer used this distraction to impale Ulysses with the board and nails.  Within minutes Ulysses was dead, fallen over on his horse, and unable to tame the scared animal, they both went rolling down the hill.

In regards to the killer, now I am more certain than ever it's Lindsey.  While I have believed it was her from the beginning (see Whodunnit? Opens a New Door for the GenreFire Starter: Another Complex Murder on Whodunnit?Kaboom! Whodunnit?'s Game Changing Episode, and Whodunnit? - Mountain Lyin for all the clues I've gathered since the premiere) in addition to giving Geno a "scared" card after he rubbed his superiority in her face a big hint was revealed in the reenactment of the killing.  The killer was on a dark horse.  After close inspection, only Lindsey and Geno rode black horses like the murderer.  The fact that this was the first double elimination, as well as both contestants who died were on Team Geno, is furthermore proof that the mysterious mastermind behind it all is Lindsey.  Both clear alliances now have an equal number of members thus leveling the playing field.  This not only allows her a higher likelihood of her team solving the riddles first, it also won't look as suspicious if her two teammates end up on the bottom and she is spared.  Either way, as the herd thins each contestant is getting closer to discovering their renowned host and a few are already hot on Lindsey's trail! 

This week our distinguished proprietor was bolder than ever!  Killing Ulysses in front of everyone, distributing three "scared" cards and revealing a shocking double-elimination where both Sasha and Dana were killed and positioned for everyone to see.  Unfortunately my DVR didn't record the last 20 seconds so I had to wait until Monday to see the end online!  It was the creepiest scene yet; as Geno came downstairs he discovered both Dana and Sasha dressed to kill and set up like dolls, with Dana at the grand piano and Sasha standing next to her.  If only Sasha would have trusted her instincts regarding the snake and listened to Cris' clue, she could have been spared.  Nevertheless, next week's episode looks to be one of the best, as the guests have returned to Rue Manor only to find duplicates in their place.  The eeriness reaches a peak, so make sure to tune in to Whodunnit? Sundays on ABC, and check back here for weekly recaps, reviews and clues!

Here is a list of the remaining contestants and to whom their allegiance lies:
Sheri - Ex-NFL Cheerleader
Dontae - Insurance Investigator
Adrianna - TV Crime Reporter
Don - Retired LAPD
Ulysses - Attorney
Dana - Nurse
Sasha - Journalist

Team Kam:
Kam - Homeland Security Attorney
CrisEx-Beauty Queen
Lindsey - Engineer

Team Geno:
Geno - Bar Trivia Host
Melina - Flight Attendant
Ronnie - Bounty Hunter

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