Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kaboom! Whodunnit?'s Game Changing Episode!

This week on Whodunnit? we saw the game change as last week's alliance between Kam, Ulysses, Cris and Lindsey ostracized the remaining players and parted the sea's for two opposing teams.  It was also an important episode because most of the group believed Adrianna was the elusive mastermind behind the crimes and her death had everyone scrambling for a new theory.  For me, I have believed Lindsey was woman in charge from the start, but how this episode played out had me too thinking twice about my hypothesis.  So let's dive right into the events in the newest episode of Whodunnit?: Kaboom!

The guests awoke to a loud bang outside the manor and rushed to see the cause.  While in the immediate aftermath of the explosion, Giles ushered them back inside to form teams and decide who would visit the crime scene, the last known whereabouts and, because Adrianna's body was too mangled to bring her to the morgue, examine her body in the tree.  Team Kam separated themselves from the group immediately deciding how to spread their group thin, raising the tension in the manor even more.  The remaining six formed their own alliance and secretly Lindsay, Ronnie and Melina formed a mini-pact.  Geno came up with the idea for Melina to act as buddy-buddy as she could with Lindsey in an attempt to break up the other group, and it worked but put Lindsey in an awkward position.  Throughout the entire episode emotions were high as each group worked hard to keep their knowledge safe and neither knew whether or not Lindsey would betray them.  To make matters worse, Lindsey ended up being the winner this round making everyone wonder if she played them all.  Strangely in this episode as well as the rest, she hasn't really solved any clues nor did she leak information to either team.     

So here is how Adrianna met her doom:  While watching television and eating cereal the killer tapped into the feed revealing security footage of her with a message telling her to flee the estate if she wants to live.  She dropped her bowl and attempted to flee trying to open the various doors to the room which had all been secured with zip-ties leaving only one exit for her to escape.  She ran out to the courtyard and down the steps where a golf cart with a remote control was conveniently placed.  Earlier the sinister host had split the seat and removed a portion where they place a bomb directly under the driver's seat.  As Adrianna sped off in the golf cart she reached an impasse, a tree branch had been placed blocking off the driveway causing her to swerve to a stop on the grounds within yards from the entrance to the manor.  She pressed the button to open the massive gates and the killer watched on the CCTV surveillance camera where they then detonated the bomb from a remote viewing station located in the attic.  What was not clear to me was the reason for the gate opener as it did not detonate the bomb, but I assume it was to throw the group off thinking that she pressed the button causing her own demise.  The other question that arose was the need to block off the driveway with the branch as the killer could have blown the cart up regardless of whether see continued on the driveway or not.  My guess is that the branch caused her to position herself in perfect view of the camera so the mysterious mastermind would have the perfect view of the culmination of their work. 

While the information sharing and alliance groups helped everyone, as they all had reasonably close hypotheses of how the murder was committed, this cannot last long.  If any one person wants to win, they will need to keep certain bits to themselves.  While Ronnie attempted to do this as he was the only member to see the attack and the video footage, he shared the key information regarding the fact that the killer detonated the bomb, not Adrianna with the remote, with only Lindsey and Melina.  However he seemed irked by the fact that Lindsey won instead of him, even though it doesn't really matter as the winner is not afforded any prize or immunity, and thoughts are already forming regarding the likelihood that Lindsey played him.  I can only imagine the drama these factions are causing that we will see played out next week and how the learning curve will once again spike as contestants will need to be more selective with what they share and whom they trust. 

This brings me to my thoughts on Lindsey as the head of Rue Manor.  While her win will undoubtedly cause her trouble in the next episode, I found the killer's comments about how they should kill her just for her annoying laugh strange.  I can imagine that if she is not the killer, he or she is unhappy with her playing both sides which is the reason behind the comment.  However, how genius would it be if Lindsey is in fact responsible thus confident of her safety and as the mischievous host gives herself the win just to stir up the group's trust and throw suspicion away from herself, putting them all on edge for round 4.  I'm still sticking to my original theory as she has yet to discover any clues herself nor help out either group by sharing information though she always ends up on her feet.  That being said, I do have my eye out and am keeping a close watch for other members that might be the responsible party and Cris is at the top of that list.   

Finally, we ended the episode with the presumed death of Don.  As the group sat down for a formal breakfast of steak and eggs, relieved to see everyone arrive safely Don found his dish to be undercooked and proceeded to the kitchen.  While he began to cook his steak, a mountain lion emerged from a hidden passageway inside the wall.  While we didn't see the attack, the smell of the raw blood in Don's hand likely caused the lion to charge.  The cast heard the animal's growl and Giles arrived with a rifle ready to anesthetize the beast.  I am quite excited to see next week's episode where they will get to investigate the animal, possibly because there is not enough left of Don to examine, and delve into how it appeared in the kitchen.  Nothing says Clue more than hidden passageways!  Tune in and check back here for all the info on ABC's fun new twist on reality television, Whodunnit?!  

Below is a list of the contestants, who has been murdered, and who remains: 

Sheri - Ex-NFL Cheerleader
Dontae - Insurance Investigator
Adrianna - TV Crime Reporter
Don - retired LAPD
Cris - Ex-Beauty Queen
Dana - Nurse

Geno - Bar Trivia Host
Kam - Homeland Security Attorney
Lindsey - Engineer
Melina - Flight Attendant
Ronnie - Bounty Hunter
Sasha - Journalist
Ulysses - Attorney

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